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Blog of 03-08-2023

Posted 3/8/2023
Hey, Everyone!!! We had a nice ZOOM class last Saturday....8 dancers, 8 dances, a few reviews/teaches. Kindly RSVP to let me know if you will be joining me THIS Saturday, March 11th, for Beg/Improver Line Dance Class #125, at 4:00 PM!!! Wow! A hundred and twenty five ZOOM classes during the pandemic. Kudos to YOU for showing up and keeping ME on my toes!
I had a GREAT Line Dance Master Class #7 at NYSC/West 80th on Sunday! 32 dancers, a lot of Beginner level dances! I am so happy to be introducing new people who are interested in this great sport of ours! It's very exciting! I am waiting on approval for #8 to be on Sunday, March 26th! Hope you can be there with me!
Some of the Master Class attendees will be joining me as we return to the newly renovated Studio 382 in a couple of weeks on Thursday night, March 23rd, at 7:00 PM. I am thrilled to be heading back to what was our line dance "home" since 2010! I am going to see how this class know, who shows up, what their dance level is, etc. I have the ability to add classes and I am thinking about doing that already! Possibly a strictly AB (Absolute Beginner) and a higher level (Solid Improver/Low Intermediate) like we used to have on Friday nights. I am also considering a class time adjustment if I do indeed end up adding these classes. So, stay tuned for all updated info.
I will be teaching in Canada the weekend of March 16th at The Canadian Line Dance Classic! I was invited to teach there in March, 2020. Well, we all know what happened and now we are back after a Covid 19 hiatus. I am so excited to be at this event again! It's really a great dance weekend! Very laid back, great people on Staff and such warm, loving and appreciative guests. I've got some great dances to share with them! Who wants to join us???? Here's the website:
Hope all is well with everyone and that I get to see you and dance with you soon!