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Blog of Feb 6, 2023

Posted 2/6/2023

Dear Line Dance Family Friends,

I am so ELATED about yesterday's Beg/Improver Line Dance Workshop #6 at NYSC/West 80th!!! We had a full house with 37 dancers in total!!! I was so happy to see a lot of "first timers" and I hope that they had as much fun as I did! The energy was high and I am very grateful to all who attended (and to Maria who did an amazing job downstairs with registration!). We went over the allotted time (2 hours) and danced for almost THREE HOURS!!!! I took a chance by teaching some challenging choreography (for Beginners) and we were successful!!! I KNEW that they could accomplish the feat and they did!!!

Thanks to all of you for your dedicated support....I appreciate it more than you can know. I am looking forward to getting back to the Studio for my in person weekly classes. One of my goals is to have a higher level (Low Intermediate) class in addition to the Beginner level class.....some of yesterday's attendees expressed a desire for this and I am in!!! Let's do this!!! I will keep you informed.

So, once again, thank you from my heart for helping me to share this great sport with you. There is so much more to learn, to dance, to experience. The world of line dance is an amazing international phenomenon and it is my dedicated passion...for so many years now. Welcome to my world, let me do my thing and share as much as possible with you!!! We will have a great time together!

I WILL see you again soon....promising to keep all of you informed about future line dance classes and social events! Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have regarding my classes or line dance in general. Please "pencil in" the date of Sunday, March 5th, for our next "Master Class" #7 (Beginner/Improver Level Workshop)...waiting on approval from NYSC Management Team. I WILL keep you informed!