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Rona Kaye Line Dance class in upperManhattan in New York CityRona Kaye Line Dance class in upperManhattan in New York City

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 ** Fall 2019 **

“Ongoing” Beginner/Improver Thursdays and  Intermediate (Friday)

Line Dance Classes @ Studio 382 with Rona Kaye!!!

382 Central Park West (enter ON 97th Street)

This is the updated schedule for the FALL, 2019 Season

Please Note That The Friday Night Classes Have Been Discontinued Indefinitely...

BUT I do keep the studio time for private sessions and Special Workshops.

 Line Dance Classes in October, November & December, 2019:

“Beginner/Improver Thursdays” in 2019:

October 3rd, 17th & 31st   November 14th & 21st   

December 19th & 26th     

(Dates are subject to change due to travel bookings.)

“True Beginner Line Dance Workshop” Fridays in 2020:

Four Week Session:  February Fridays:  7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

I request a MINIMUM of 6 Students to hold class.

 Class time is:     7:00-8:15 PM

(Please come a few minutes early so we can start ON TIME.)

Class fee is $15/class

“LD Special”:  COMMIT to 5 classes ($75)

And pay $70…..SAVE FIVE BUCKS!!!

You have ONE 6 week period to take the five classes.



is the “key” to SUCCESS on AND off of the dance floor!

NO partners needed!

ALL types of music from Country to Pop, from

R&B to Latin to Contemporary!

I PROMISE you a fun filled hour….you won’t even know that you are exercising

 your body AND your mind!!!   917-371-4921 (C)      Contact Me


Call or E mail Rona for all info regarding these classes:

917-371-4921 (C) or   CONTACT ME

Rona's Blog:


Happy to be back here to keep you updated.....well, it's been an amazing travel to teach and attend line dance weekends time for me.  Dancing in Nashville and Ohio and teaching in Chicago, Detroit and Upstate New York has been a whirlwind and a really GREAT time. I am feeling very blessed and most grateful to be a part of so many line dance families!  Yes, it is sad to not be at Hill Country on Mondays anymore.  But, we tried and I truly did give it my very best effort.  I am still holding my weekly Beginner/Improver line dance classes on Thursdays. New students are welcome to join us as we review past teaches and enjoy some new and challenging line dances.  We have upped our game and, let me tell you, it is FUN and very soul satisfying!!!  Please continue to check this website for all updated information.  I have just composed the Winter, 2020, class flyer and it will be posted on this website soon.  Scheduled Thursday classes for the remainder of 2019 are November 21st, December 19th and 26th.  I have decided YES to a TRUE BEGINNER Line Dance Workshop (Four week session) on Fridays in February.  We did this last Summer and had a great time!  Please contact me to let me know if you are interested in joining us in the studio.  I trust that all is well with all of you.  Wishing you a very happy, healthy and delicious upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!
Dear friends.... Well, we tried.....I was informed yesterday that there will no longer be Line Dance Mondays at Hill Country.  We just couldn't get the numbers that The Management needed.   I'd like to thank all of you who made a strong and concerted effort to keep us going for the past six months.  Your dedication and loving support is greatly appreciated.   In the meantime, you can get your line dance on in my weekly classes on the Upper West Side.  I'll keep looking for a suitable and affordable space for future line dance events.   The thing that makes me feel the most sad is that our line dance community in Manhattan has seemed to fade away. Breaks my heart.   To those of you who remain, come and dance with me!  I'd love to see you and dance with you!
I am NOT giving up on this amazing sport that we share!!!  
Please  stay well, keep in touch and have happy and healthy holidays!
With warm, sincere and very grateful regards,   
Rona Kaye
The Management Team at Hill Country and I are looking forward to seeing you again tonight, Monday, October 7th, for our Line Dance Mondays event!  I will continue to review as needed and teach something new!  Thanks so much for helping to support the venue by purchasing something to eat and drink.  The food at HC is really the best Texas barbecue in Manhattan!  Hours are 6:30-9:30 PM!  Feel free to come downstairs at 6:15.  Bring a friend!   Your support means a lot and will help us to keep  Line Dancing alive here in New York City!!!
FYI:  I just received an email from four line dancers from France who will be visiting NYC and want to dance with us at Hill Country on October 21st..I don't even know if we will still be there.  OY!  I just wrote back to them.
Looking forward to seeing you and Frank on Wednesday, travels...xxxxx
Love and thanks,
Last night's enthusiastic turnout was better than expected, considering the holiday. Once again, there were a few new faces and it looks like we are actually having returning "regulars" on the dance floor.  I did quick one wall reviews, reviewed last week's teaches and taught a piece of new choreography called When You Smile.  Last night's line dance play list included Cupid Shuffle, Mamma Maria, K Is For Kicks, Senorita La La La, American Kids, Tush Push, Sundance, Bayou Dreams, Keep It Simple, Shotgun Jenny, Texas Time, Wagon Wheel Rock, CACB and I taught a quick lesson for an El Paso (Partner Classic).  As of right now, we are back next Monday night, October 7th, at Hill Country!  Please continue to check this blog for all updated info.  See you on Monday!  Bring a friend!
We welcomed a few newcomers to the dance floor at Hill Country last night!  Hoping for a few more when we return next week on Monday, September 30th (as of right now!).  Since we were away for six weeks, I reviewed the basics at the beginning of the night and then taught American Kids and Senorita La La La.  Last night's play list with short reviews of each dance included Ah Si, Cupid, Mamma Maria, CACB, Sundance, Texas Time, Bayou Dreams, Imelda's Way, Shotgun Jenny, K Is For Kicks, Keep It Simple, Wagon Wheel Rock and Codigo. We also danced some Two Step and Schottishe.  Please check this website for updated info about the Line Dance Mondays schedule at Hill Country.    See you next week!  Bring a friend! 
I will look forward to seeing you tonight, Monday, September 23rd, as we return to Hill Country (30 West 26th Street in Manhattan) for Line Dance Mondays from
6:15-9:30 PM....thank you ahead of time for supporting the venue by ordering something to eat and drink.  It is very much appreciated.
We will get rolling by 7:00 PM....we have a lot to quickly review (since we have been away for six weeks due to Summer hours and my traveling to teach schedule)....and, I have a couple of new dances to share with you!  I am hoping that we will be able to get to all of it!  Please see previous Blog entries for all of the dances that I have taught and reviewed since we started at HC in April.
So, put on your dancing shoes with the intention of keeping Line Dance alive in New York City!  We are still going at it!  Bring a friend or two!
We will be back at Hill Country for Line Dance Mondays NEXT Monday, September 23rd.  A band was booked and I was informed late last night.  I am so sorry for any inconvenience.  Looking forward to seeing you next Monday, September 23rd, at Hill Country for Line Dance Mondays!!!
09-14-2019 (See update above, next line dance is 9-23)
The Management Team and I are looking forward to seeing you again THIS Monday, September 16th, for our return to Hill Country (30 West 26th Street) and our Line Dance Mondays!!!  You can come downstairs after 6:00.....things get moving after 6:30.  Supporting the venue by having a bite to eat and something from the bar is greatly appreciated (Best Texas BBQ in NYC!). Thank you ahead of time for that!
I will be reviewing like crazy throughout the night with the hopes of dancing as much as possible!!!!  Your support means a lot....bring a friend or two!  I can promise you a great time!
Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday night!
Dear friends....I was (apologetically) informed late last night that Hill Country was cancelling our Line Dance Mondays event tonight (August 19th). The reason is that this time of the year is a very slow period for NYC restaurants in general with many New Yorkers being out of town these last few weeks of Summer. 
Our next scheduled date is Monday, September 16th.  I am dancing out of town on the 9th (sorry about that.) 
I hope that this does not cause any inconvenience to any of you.  So sorry for that. Thank you for your continued support of this event.  We will see you on September 16th at Hill Country!!!!
We danced a lot tonight at Hill Country.  Because the dancers are so diverse, it's necessary for me to do one or two wall reviews most of the night in addition to the real teaches.  Play list included:  Cupid Shuffle, Black Velvet, K Is For Kicks, Wagon Wheel Rock, Ah Si, Mamma Maria, Slappin' Leather, Trashy Women, Cruisin, Boot Scoot Boogie (re-teach), Keep It Simple, Imelda's Way, CACB, DHSS, Tush Push, Mucara Walk, Rock It (teach), Reggae Cowboy (teach), Sundance, Bayou Dreams, Texas Time, Shotgun Jenny.  Last night's teaches had been requested.  Next time, I teach CURRENT choreography now that these old classics have been taught!!!!!  We return to Hill Country on Monday, August 19th (There is a band scheduled for Monday, August 12th.)  Future scheduled date is August 26th.  See you at Hill Country for Line Dance Mondays on August 19th!  Bring a friend!!!!
We had a fun night at Hill Country last night for Line Dance Mondays!  We were happy to see some new faces on the dance floor.  Thanks so much to everyone who is continuing to support line dancing in New York City and the venue.  Last night's teaches and play list:  Cupid Shuffle, Black Velvet, Mamma Maria, Come Dance With Me, Texas Time, K Is For Kicks, Rockin' The Wagon Wheel, Gypsy Queen, Tush Push, Imelda's Way, Sundance, Ah Si, Bayou Dreams, Chocolate Melon, Shotgun Jenny, CACB, A Kind Of Hush, Copperhead, I Close My Eyes, Champagne Promise, DHSS, My Maria, Cruisin', Codigo, Day Of The Dead.  Next scheduled date is Monday, August 5th!  Will look forward to seeing you there!  Bring a friend!
Just a friendly reminder that we are back at it at Hill Country on Monday, July 29th, for our Line Dance Mondays! All info listed on the sites listed below...30 West 26th Street in starts after 6:00 PM! Looking forward to seeing you again downstairs at Hill Country! Bring a friend! Lessons and requests. No cover. Great food and bar menus!!!! Current upcoming dates are August 5th,19th and 26th. (These dates are subject to change per restaurant bookings.)
Wow!  What a great night at Line Dance Mondays at Hill Country on July 15th!!!  One of my line dance students celebrated her birthday and had over 35 guests who did an amazing job on the dance floor!  A few of my fitness students from NYSC and some of my line dance family from Queens and Manhattan showed up!  Of course my Manhattan line dance students were there too!  Thanks so much to all of you for supporting the venue by ordering food and bar specials....the food at HC is delicious!!!!
Once again, I happily shared as much choreography as possible!  Play list/teaches included Cupid Shuffle, Mamma Maria, CACB, Good Morning, K Is For Kicks, Keep It Simple, Cruisin', Tush Push, Sundance, My Maria, Bayou Dreams, Texas Time, Lay Low, Imelda's Way, Groovy Love, Who's Up All Night?, I Close My Eyes, Blessed, Gypsy Queen, Champagne Promise, Shotgun Jenny, Wagon Wheel Rock, Sweet Caroline, Chocolate Melon. We are scheduled to be at Line Dance Mondays again this Monday, July 22nd!!!  See you then!  Bring a friend!!!!

We had a great time at last night's Line Dance Mondays at Hill Country!  
I had a great little group of dancers and was able to teach them about 15 dances throughout the night!  Looking forward to next Monday, July 15th!!!!  We will be celebrating one of my student's birthdays!  Come by and say hello and dance a few with us!!!  I will review a lot and add some new choreography!  Bring a friend!!!  
We had another interesting night this past Monday line dancing at Hill Country!!!!  We danced a significant amount and reviewed again because we had some new dancers with us!!!  Always happy to see that!!!
Please note that the Hill Country Management has booked a show for this coming Monday, July 1st, so, we will be returning for Line Dance Mondays on Monday,  July 8th.  We are also scheduled, as of right now, for July 15th and 22nd.  Please plan accordingly!  So, I will see you on Monday, July 8th!  Visit us on Go NYC!!!!
Happy and safe holiday to all!

Last night's "Line Dance Mondays" at Hill Country was so much FUN!!!!  We had our "Regulars" and a lot of new attendees who did a great job on the dance floor with quick teaches and reviews.  Play list/reviews/teaches included:  Cupid Shuffle, Ah Si, Good Morning, CACB, Trashy Women, Texas Time, Bayou Dreams, Sundance, Cruisin', Slappin' Leather, It's All About The 3 Steps, My Maria, Tush Push, After Midnight, Kickin' It, K Is For Kicks, Black Velvet, Struttin' With Sugar, Codigo.....will look forward to seeing you this coming Monday, June 24th, at Hill Country!  Bring a friend!!!

I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night, Monday, June 17th, as we resume our "Line Dance Mondays"  at Hill Country!!!  Downstairs opens at 6:00 PM if you'd like to come down and have a cocktail or soft drink and a bite to eat before the party gets started around 6:30 PM.  
We run until 9:30 PM.  
I will quickly review all of the dances that I have taught before our hiatus (please see list below) and I will teach something new, with the hopes of dancing as much as we can!!!!  Partner dances will also be called.
Hill Country is located at 30 West 26th Street, between Sixth Avenue and Broadway.  Bring a friend!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing you!      


What a beautiful day here in Manhattan yesterday.  Warm, breezy and Summery outside and very cool inside at Hill Country last night!  Thanks for your support! 

Dance play list for the two hours that we danced (I taught and reviewed): 

Cupid, Ah Si, Texas Time, Bayou Dreams, Mamma Maria, Sundance, Shotgun Jenny, BSB, CACB, Trashy Women, Cowboy Rhythm, Cruisin, Slappin Leather, My Maria, Keep It Simple, Tush Push, Mucara Walk, After Midnight, Rockin The Wagon Wheel, Codigo. 

Looking forward to seeing you for our next "Line Dance Mondays" at Hill Country.  Will inform you of upcoming dates.


Well, despite a very dreary and a lot of depressing all day and evening rain in Manhattan yesterday, we still happily danced a significant amount last night at Hill Country!  Thanks so much to the very dedicated "quality and not quantity" group of line dance fun seekers who showed their support of me and the venue!  I appreciate your loving loyalty and continued interest in what this line dance world has to offer.  I had a couple of new attendees which necessitated teaches and walk throughs of these Beginner level oldies: 
Shotgun Jenny, A Kind of Hush, Rockin' The Wagon Wheel, Kickin' It (NJ Step), CACB, Good Morning, Mamma Maria, Ghost Train, Come Dance With Me, Small Y'all, Empty Pockets, Somebody I Used To Know, Forever Cool and The Bomp.
I am looking forward to this coming Monday, May 20th, to seeing you with me again at HC.  The plan is to quickly review so that we can dance (and establish a line dance repertoire) and I will teach a few of the more current pieces of  choreography.  See you for "Line Dance Mondays" at Hill Country on May 20th!!!  Bring a friend!!!

We return to Hill Country for "Line Dance Mondays" on Monday, May 13th!!!!  I will be quickly reviewing all past dance teaches (see previous blog entries) and will introduce a couple of new pieces of choreography.
Looking forward to seeing you on Monday, May 13th!  Bring a friend! 


We had another great night of line and partner dancing at Hill Country on Monday, April 22nd.  Thanks to all who joined us despite the weather conditions (rain) and that it is a holiday week.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

--Quick reviews of last week's dances:  Cupid, Ah Si, Shotgun Jenny, Boot Scoot Boogie, WW Rock
--Review of "Oldies":  Sundance, Black Velvet, 16 Step
--Teaches:  Good Time, What Makes You Country
--Play List:  Cupid, Ah Si, Shotgun J, BSB, WWRock, My Maria, Sundance, Black Velvet, Good Time, Cruisin', American Kids, Day of the Dead, CACB, Music To My Eyes, Tush Push, Mucara Walk, El Paso, Sweet Caroline, What Makes You Country, Two Step 
See you on Monday, April 29th!!!!


Thanks so VERY much for a great first night at Line Dance Mondays at Hill Country! This “work in progress” line dance party was well attended and supported by an amazing line dance line dance class students, NYSC fitness students, so many old friends from D & D, my line dance family who schlepped into Manhattan from Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Westchester County and some new faces I had not seen before (“welcome to the family “!). Thanks so much to the Management Team at HC for their support and help last night. It was great to work with Carrie, Chase, Paul and Brandon. Thanks to everyone there who supported the venue. It is greatly appreciated. I hope that you enjoyed yourselves and that we will see you again next week at “Line Dance Mondays” at Hill Country! Please check my website for all info regarding my local line dance classes. My Beginner Intensive Workshop starts on Friday, April 26th in the studio.

A great big thank you as well to my Luigi Jazz Dance Family who saw me teach for the first time last night at Hill Country! Thanks for your support. I hope that you enjoyed yourselves and that you return for more line dance fun! See you in Style class on Saturday! I’m excited to get my Luigi on after being away for these past few weeks. Thanks again, Ladies! Your support means a lot to me!

Dances taught on Monday April 15, 2019:

Cupid Shuffle, Ah Si, Shotgun Jenny, Rockin The Wagon Wheel, Slappin' Leather, Boot Scoot Boogie


Hill Country in Manhattan!
30 West 26th Street between B’way-6th
6:00-9:30 PM

Looking forward to seeing you and dancing with you at Hill Country.

Yes, I’ll be teaching throughout the night. Downstairs opens at 6:00 and I’ll probably start to teach around 6:30 ish.

I suggest coming early to have a bite to eat upstairs. Then come down to the line dance party.

Full service bar upstairs and downstairs. All food menus available downstairs too! 

Hill Country is best known for its authentic Texas Barbecue.

Check the HC website for all menus and upcoming special event and live music schedule.

There is no cover charge, so, please, I encourage you to support the venue. See you soon!