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Blog of 8-1-2022

Posted 8/1/2022

Hello again, Everyone! I just re-read my last entry and it still sounds about right! I have continued our Beginner/Improver Line Dance Class (the original in person Thursday and Friday classes) on ZOOM. This past Saturday was Class #106!!! It was a great class....I had decided to not teach anything new....we just danced with reviews and made it almost all the way through the suggested play list of 23 dances. We made it through 16 dances!! This week's Class #106 on Saturday, August 6th, at 4:00 PM, will include a new teach!

I have been investigating many options to continue to promote Line Dance here in New York City. I have been pricing studios since our precious studio at 382 (where I had been teaching for many years prior to the Pandemic) is still under construction and renovation. I will stop by there again tomorrow to see what the current status is. I am READY to return to in person classes! I WANT to SEE all of you again!!! I WANT to DANCE with all of you again!!! I am hoping that you feel the same way!

I have my finger on the pulse and I will keep all of you informed regarding upcoming line dance presentations here in Manhattan. I'm hoping to have an outdoor class and an indoor workshop soon...looking at dates in September when it cools off a bit.

I hope that the Summer has been good to you and that you have been enjoying your days. I will be in touch with updated news. Stay tuned....