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Blog Update 05-19-2022

Posted 5/19/2022

If you are reading this update here, then thank you for visiting at my website!!! It's looking like my last Blog entry was on April 3, 2020. We were starting to be deep into the pandemic. And, here we are, still, just over two years later! We are still dancing together!! I did begin a ZOOM class in May 2020, exactly two years ago! This Saturday, May 21st, will be our Class #99!!! Amazing. I created this ZOOM class for my Thursday night in person students. I did not want for them to lose all that we had worked so hard for in our Thursday (and sometimes Friday) night classes at 382, our sweet little studio on the Upper West Side.

During the pandemic, I have been dancing online, taking all that the line dance world had to offer, from private classes to Digital Line Dance Weekends. Dancing at home became my way of life AND having this at my feet (so to speak) actually SAVED my life. I have looked forward to dancing either in ZOOM classes or on FB Live for the past two years. I have danced at home more than I ever did pre-pandemic. I am ever so grateful to all of the digital dance promoters and instructors. I was able to teach a few times on The Digital Dance Weekends and am so proud that I was asked to join in on the virtual fun! Thank you to Rachael McEnany-White for inviting me to teach.

So, my friends, I have been feeling like it is time to return to "a" studio for in person classes again. I say "a" studio, because 382 is still under renovation and probably will not be completed until the Fall. I did speak with my contact person there and she is aware that we want to return to 382. She promised to keep me informed. I have made a few phone calls to Ripley-Grier, here on the Upper West Side at 72nd Street, where I taught for YEARS before we moved to 382. This studio is a costly rental but I am willing to give it a try IF I HAVE THE NUMBERS to cover those costs. I will get back to you on the status of this idea. Please let me know how you are feeling about this. It is definitely time to be dancing in person again. Don't you agree?

I was very fortunate this week to have been asked to teach and DJ at a private function. I had suggested to the client to have their long awaited get together (first time post pandemic) at Hill Country, where we were dancing on Mondays nights in 2019. Well, we did and they LOVED it!!! It felt so great to be back at HC and to be teaching and dancing in person again to a small group. I have returned to teaching at the big dance conventions (my teaching schedule is posted on this website), which is another amazing feeling, but teaching Beginner level dances to a smaller class was truly a gift. And the fact that they LOVED it made it all the more special to me. The feedback was great and I am hoping to have a few more new students join us in class. Let's hope that they follow through.

I am determined to continue to promote line dance in New York City. (Tell your friends!) I have a few ideas to promote this amazing sport of ours with the hopes of getting more Beginners involved and to ultimately have a higher level class for Intermediate/Advanced dancers. That has always been my dream. It is time to fight, promote and make that New York City dream come true. If you have any ideas or advice, I am open to hearing what you have to say. New ideas come from different places...bring it on!

I will continue to remain in touch now that I have reinitiated this Blog. I pray that all is well with all of you and that you are happy, healthy and enjoying every blessed moment of each and every day. I will look forward to seeing you and dancing with you soon. xxxx