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Blog of 8-23-2022

Posted 8/23/2022

Hey, Everyone! This has been an exciting line dance week. I have the Master Class coming up this Sunday (please email me for all info) and we MAY be headed back to our sweet little studio at 382 Central Park West in Mid-October! All great news. It is time to start dancing together again IN PERSON! Yes, it's my opinion, but I am hoping that you feel the same way!

We had a great ZOOM Class #108 last Saturday! We danced 11 dances with one new dance teach. I had fun and hope you did too!

Kindly RSVP to let me know if you will be joining me THIS Saturday, August 27th, for Class #109!!!! I'll include some of the choreography that I'll be sharing at the Master Class as I know that some of you in this group will be attending! I'm really happy about that and am very grateful for your continued and dedicated support.

Please RSVP and as always, thank you for your donations for class. I appreciate it very much. Have a great week....try to practice so we can dance more than talk! Sixteen dances on suggested play list....can we do it????? YES!!!!