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Blog of Oct 21, 2022

Posted 10/21/2022

BLOG October 21, 2022 we are looking at Master Class Number THREE at NYSC/West 80th on Sunday, November 6th, from 10 AM-12 PM!!! I am so happy that our first two Master Classes went so well. Happy to be introducing our amazing dance sport to new dancers. Will look forward to seeing some of you there! Kindly contact me via email with any and all questions regarding any of my classes.
We are still ZOOMING on Saturdays! Tomorrow is Class #113! We will review dances we know and I'll be teaching something new!! We will continue to have these ZOOM classes indefinitely. Thank you to ZOOM for helping to keep us sane during the pandemic. I am currently still looking for studio space in order to get back to our in person classes. I'm READY!!! I will keep all of you informed.
I've been very blessed to have been so busy traveling to events these past couple of months. I attended an amazing line dance weekend in New Orleans (The Xperience). Then I taught in the Boston area with my Dance "Sistahs" Lynne, Rosie & Forty, attended Dance For a Cure in Ohio, taught at Windy City Line Dance Mania in Chicago, am off to Detroit this coming week to teach at Motor City Line Dance Classic and then teach again at NYSOL (New York State of Line) in November. Whew! And, I love it! It's been a great dancing and teaching experience for me. I feel very blessed and am most grateful to all Event Directors who continue to invite me to teach at their dance weekends after so many years.
Okay....that's it for now....will hope to run into you somehow, somewhere....hopefully on a line dance floor!!! Please take care and stay safe. Happy dancing, wherever you may be!!!